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KJE specialises in CNC Machining and Fabrication services, creating custom-made products to meet our clients’ unique engineering needs all under one roof.

We utilise the latest technologies, design expertise, and manufacturing techniques to stay at the cutting edge of our industry.

CNC Machining

One of the key benefits of CNC Machining is the ability to produce complex geometries that would be difficult or impossible to achieve using traditional manufacturing techniques.

CNC machining often allows for faster turnaround times and lower costs, compared to other manufacturing methods.

At Kerry Jones Engineering we have employed experienced CNC Machinists who are experts in their field. Along with using quality machinery, we are able to produce incredibly complex parts to exacting measurements, within an appropriate time frame.

Technical Specifications

Mazak FJV-35/80

  • Type: 4 Axis Vertical Milling Machine
  • Travel: X – 2000mm, Y – 800mm, Z – 585mm
  • Spindle Speed (RPM): 10,000RPM
  • Load: 3000kg

Doosan Puma SMX2600S

  • Type: 5 Axis Twin Spindle Lathe and Milling Machine
  • Travel: 1650m Between Chucks, Y Axis – 300mm, B Axis - +120° to -120°, C Axis - 360°
  • Spindle Speed (RPM): Milling Spindle – 12000RPM, Left and Right Turning Spindles – 4000RPM
  • Extra Information: 82mm Turning Spindle Bore

Microcut Challenger 1300

  • Type: 4 Axis Vertical Milling Machine
  • Travel: X – 1300mm, Y – 710mm, Z – 710mm
  • Spindle Speed (RPM): 10,000RPM
  • Load: 1200Kg

Ecoca MT412

  • Type: CNC Lathe
  • Travel: 510Ø Max, 1500mm between centres
  • Spindle Speed (RPM): 3200 RPM
  • Extra Information: Ø91 Spindle Bore

Takisawa EX310

  • Type: Lathe with live tooling
  • Travel: Ø350
  • Spindle Speed (RPM): 3500 RPM
  • Extra Information: Ø75 Spindle Bore

Ecoca EL-5120

  • Type: CNC Teach Lathe
  • Travel: X – 290mm, Y – 1900mm, 2000mm Distance between centres
  • Spindle Speed (RPM): 2000 RPM
  • Extra Information: 105mm Spindle Bore

ProtoTRAK RLX480 x 1250 Lathe

  • Type: CNC Teach Lathe with 8 station tool turret
  • Travel: 1250mm distance between centres
  • Spindle Speed (RPM): 25 - 2500RPM


Fabrication is the process of creating a product or structure by cutting, bending, and assembling and joining raw materials.

Our services in this area include large production fabrication runs, one off fabrication products, cutting and rolling steel plate, and structural fabrication. Our customers bring a wide range of jobs for us to fabricate and we are always up for the challenge.

Process Overview

Due to our ability to process all work internally, we can ensure that the highest levels of quality control are upheld.

Initial Consultation

We consult with you to discuss the scope of your project and provide guidance on the design and material choices.

Design and Confirmation

We work to your design model specifications, for review and approval.

CNC / Fabrication

The manufacturing process begins. We cut and shape the material according to your design specifications to create the final product.

Final Checks

We perform internal quality control checks to ensure that the final design meets industry standards and drawing specifications. We can offer site delivery, assembly and installation services as needed.

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